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Welcome to

Higher Learning Preschool

Where Learning Begins!




We offer affordable preschool classes for 3, 4 and 5 year old's.  Being prepared for kindergarten can be a challenge with the new state standard raising the bar each year.  We would like to help each child be prepared and confident for kindergarten.

Higher Learning Preschool is an in home preschool. 

It is a privately owned business in Menifee, California.


Philosophy & Goals

We believe that a great preschool should have:

  • A balance of teacher-directed structured learning, creative expression and child-initiated choice center
  • Activities that build academic skills at each individual child’s level
  • Experiences that are based on children’s interest
  • Small class sizes allowing for maximum student comfort and individual attention
  • Establish a foundation for lifelong learning by encouraging curiosity, initiative, effort, research, hypothesizing, experimentation, problem solving, perseverance, and a sense of competence.
  • Establish a loving, nurturing environment based on cooperation, respect and problem solving, where all children are valued by all others.
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn about the world so they will feel comfortable and confident with their place in it.






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