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 Parent testimonials:

My son has had the most amazing experience with Higher Learning Predchool then I could have ever imagined!! From the first day I met with Ms. Felicea I immediately felt comfortable. I was certain this school was the right choice for our family. Over the school year I watched my son blossom and become a confident young man. I highly recommend the school and am thankful my son is prepared for the challenges of Kindergarten. Thank you!!  Tina

 "I am a high school teacher and mother of two. We were looking for a preschool for my older daughter and having an extremely hard time. We couldn't qualify for State preschool, and there was no room for "paying students". We couldn't afford most preschools, and the ones we could afford mostly offered child care vs. education. I wanted a preschool where my daughter could get an adequate education, learn the skills she needed to be sucessfull in kindergarten, and was affordable.I was so frustrated to the point of tears, because the few places I could find that had curriculum I approved of and were affordable were full, until I got a call from Mrs. Felicia at Higher Learning Preschool. We had been put on the waiting list just a few weeks or months before. We immediately met with Mrs. Felicia and I was ecstatic. My daughter would finally get to attend preschool. Thank you Jesus! Mrs. Felicia was amazing. I was extremely impressed with how organized she was, and her ablility to teach. She was definately made for this job! My daughter was so lucky to have Mrs. Felicia. Although she wasn't able to have her the entire year, in half a year's time Mrs. Felicia was able to teach my daughter all her letter sounds and names, counting and number recognition and all the things she needed to know for kindergarten. Best of all, my daughter loved every minute of it. Mrs. Felicia provides the ideal learning environment, as well as, engaging curriculum that exceeds most all other preschool programs. I continue to be impressed with her and her abilities as a teacher. She is wonderful! My younger daughter is enrolled for this upcoming year, and her and I couldn't be more excited!" By Kristen

“My daughter has learned so much my going to Mrs. Felicea's class!!! She is going into kindergarten reading when she started out not knowing anything! I don't know how she does it, but it's amazing to see the progress! Mrs. Felicea has a huge heart and loves what she does- it shows in EVERYTHING! Highly recommend this at home preschool- safe and very effective- parents dream come  true!” By Zara

"I just wanted to say, Maleiya loves coming there. She is having a great time." and "She absolutely loves you, she is so excited every morning. She was upset this morning that her sister was going to school and not her." By Tiffany

 "Boston loves your preschool! He is always talking about it and telling me the things he learned....we are so happy we found you:) Thanks for being such a great influence on my son! I was most worried about his social skills and being without us. He seems to be doing just fine with those things." By Jackie





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Teacher Bio


Teacher and Owner:  Felicea Ramirez 

Hello, my name is Felicea. I am very excited to meet, teach, and create with your little preschoolers. I have always loved children. I enjoy finding creative ways to spark there interest and excitement for learning and sharing.


About Me:

My wonderful husband and I have been married for over 17 years now. For several years I have been a stay at home mom for my 4 children who are 15, 13, 7 and 3 year old. Taking my family, including the dogs, out for a hike is one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy spending time with my husband, gardening, finding creative activities to do with the kids, working out, bicycling, and camping.


My Motivation:

When my daughter completed kindergarten at Oak Meadows Elementary School I was surprised by the new requirements and standards the state of California has set for our children. This inspired me to take the next step in my life in opening a preschool in 2011! I witnessed first-hand the changes and expectations that kindergarten classes will have on your child. My hopes are to better prepare your child for this experience through my class. Using the state standards, I will give your child all the opportunities to embrace and familiarize themselves with these new standards.

I am also licensed with the state of California as well as certified in first aid, CPR, and Preventative Health & Safety.

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